Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Work-In-Progress

Here's a picture from a story that may or may not get written. It's fun to look at regardless.


  1. So Good!!!!!!!!

    That is officially my favorite twilight ff banner ever! And it doesnt even have a title!! Seriously! You've got to write it! Please!!!!!! Please!!! Please!

    I will get down on my knees and beg!

  2. give as some sugar ! Even I am curiouse !

  3. This picture is now my comp's desktop background...

    can you feel the pressure for the story?

  4. Cella! I promise I'm working on it. I just started, so I'm only on the first chapter. It's really fun so far, so it shouldn't take me long.

  5. That guy is Jasper, but the story idea that led to this picture was inspired by the whole Demetri masquerade mystery of Bella Swan: Kidnapper.